Franks & Deans started in the winter of 2013, by Rob DeTie, and Michael "Pip" Ullemeyer. Armed with a Punk Rock background, and a half assed attempt at life, they set out to destroy, and annoy, the world, one crooner classic at a time. In December of that year, Jordan "HOSS" Hoss brought his "Tattooed Crooner" act to the group, adding more vocal arrangements, and range, previously unobtainable by DeTie. After a string of shows, opening for the likes of the Reverend Horton Heat, the Toasters, and New Cold War, the band decided to reluctantly persuade Ryan "Arpee Sampson III" Sampson to move from the landlocked paradise of Boise, Idaho, to Las Vegas, in September of 2014. This addition brought a third harmony, and mediocre guitar playing, that has enticed the fans to walk out the door to this day. Their combination of Ska, Punk, and songs of yesteryear has been enough to make "Old Blue Eyes" turn grey. In October of 2015, they released "How Did You All Get In My Room", on Squidhat Records, to mild reviews. Along with their twirling pixie, Miss Nickole Muse, they've been playing coast to coast, to anyone who gives a damn. For a great combination of all things Frank, Sammy, Jello, and Joey, make sure to check out Franks & Deans in a town near you.


You wanted the meh, you got the meh. Here's Franks & Deans!


The founder of Franks and Deans, Rob DeTie is no newcomer to the Las Vegas Punk scene. A lifelong choirboy with a chip on his shoulder, he has played in several bands, including Betting On Tomorrow, and Happy Campers. Often known as the "idiot savant" of the band, Rob has the amazing talent of taking the songs of yesteryear, and mashing them together with the Punk songs of the last 4 decades. He started this whole idea, let's hope he sinks with it. This is Bob, everybody, and he's an idiot.


HOSS honed his craft in Boise, Idaho, fronting Melodic Punk/Ska band Switch Hitter. After moving to Las Vegas, he used his prominent stature to help bands pick things up here, and put them over there. HOSS is the whiskey smooth gentleman of the band, leveling audiences with his own original brand of crooning. An animal on the six string, he has the sound that makes you weak at the knees.


His birth certificate says his name is Michael Ullemeyer. He's from California and plays drums. He also updates the website when he has time. So, ya, like, ya know... whatever...


Sampson also joined the band from Boise, Idaho, after fronting the bands The PirkQlaters, and Hotel Chelsea. Bringing a knowledge of Doo Wop to the table, Sampson brought a third part harmony to the band, as well as a much needed break for HOSS, in his time of need. With a penchant for sarcasm, and self deprecating humor, he'll at least make you laugh.


Nickole Muse brought her hula hooping, clothes removing, splishing and splashing self to the Franks and Deans camp in 2015. A native of New York, Muse has made a name for herself, being the ever loved chameleon in the music festival circuit. We don't pay her much, and she deals with us. No, you can't have her number.